Keep on food truckin’

To the Editor:

I was sorry to read about the opposition to the proposed food trucks plan in Mount Desert as covered in the recent Islander. While I understand some business owners fear losing business, I might mention that competition is the best thing for any business.

It forces us to improve, listen to what people want and actually make a better business. Northeast Harbor has now lost the Watermark restaurant. We are again down to Colonels, the Asticou and the Docksider.

Every resort town needs many dining options. It is what travelers want when they are on vacation. For our beautiful village to only have three small restaurants is sad for the village and for the nearby retail stores. Having food trucks that hopefully would offer an abundance of healthy options (not bad food) would only be a great addition to Northeast Harbor.

I do not believe it would detract from other restaurants. It is a different experience, one that is very popular elsewhere.

As a former business owner and as a resident of Northeast Harbor, I strongly support the idea of food trucks. I hope the licensing will require that such establishments do not allow junk food.

Robin Reath Graves

Northeast Harbor

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