Heaven on Earth?

To The Editor:

I would like to share an observation regarding Harold MacQuinn Inc.’s quarrying operation in the village of Hall Quarry. The extent of the noise pollution generated by the cutting, moving, loading and trucking of granite goes far beyond shattering the peace and quiet of those who live here. In fact, the MacQuinn operation has succeeded in disrupting the natural environment in nearby Acadia National Park.

Acadia Mountain lies immediately to the south of Hall Quarry, and I frequently hike its trails throughout the year. On several hikes this summer, the jarring noise of heavy machinery and crashing of stone against metal followed me up the mountain, competing with birdsong and the soft sounds of the woods. I wonder how many thousands of visitors new to the national park will have their first impressions spoiled by a similar experience.

If the proposed cell phone tower in Otter Creek was a major cause for concern due to its negative visual impact as seen from within Acadia, then harsh and intrusive noise from an adjacent industrial operation should be equally relevant.

The decision by the planning board to allow Harold MacQuinn Inc. to engage in quarrying is wrong and needs to be reversed now. Quarrying has no place in the heart of a residential community and especially not at the very foot of a mountain whose name in French means “heaven on earth.”

Bob Clifford

Mount Desert

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