Good vibrations

To the Editor:

Crow Suncloud and I form the folk music duo Timbered Lake. We wish to thank the Common Good community for welcoming our original music throughout several seasons as we did our best to support the light-filled ambience of the old diner overlooking the inlet and ocean with songs of peace.

We considered the cafe a unique commons, a portal, a place of companionship and vision. We extend our gratitude to each and all as we prepare to carry the dream forward to a new location near the Southwest Harbor Post Office on Clark Point Road.

The Common Good Café’s contributions to our community have been built upon the collective generosity and skills of countless benefactors and volunteers including many who fell quietly under the radar. Thank you to proprietors Dave and Vickie Lloyd for having generously held the space as long as possible to allow for the vision of the Common Good to take root and flower. We pray that the coming transition to a new location will be smooth for all, and perhaps most importantly, we pray that deep care and respect will be exercised to minimize both the spiritual and environmental impacts of prospective demolition of the old building.

We encourage all to enjoy the Mother’s Day brunch on May 10 before the cafe closes its doors and prepares to make the big move. Call 288-0422 or email [email protected]

Diana Newman

Southwest Harbor

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