Golden rule

To the Editor:

The modern day version of the classic novel “The Lottery” played out before an audience attending the annual Bar Harbor Town Meeting on June 2.

One can expect mudslinging during presidential election campaigning, but I never thought I would witness character assassinations of three community members, who also serve as valued Warrant Committee members, at our local level of government.

Since when is it okay for a member of a responsible and respectful civilized society to accuse others of unfounded, untrue, unwarranted and unjust action and during a televised public forum?

To make matters worse, the moderator, the town council and the town manager allowed this misinformation, unjustified charges and attacks on peoples’ characters to be voiced before any verification.

The final nail in the coffin was when these same persons prohibited any further discussion of details or explanation, and prohibited these three individuals from due process and peoples’ rights to defend themselves.

One person stood in front of everyone and acted as judge, jury and executioner while spewing accusations that these three people are involved in an active lawsuit against the town and therefore suing the citizens of Bar Harbor.

Several people smiled, laughed and seemed pleased with this display of conduct and attack, along with the resulting impact.

I was shocked and appalled at the accusations and the inappropriate actions. Even the voting process that immediately followed and continued two hours later was ridiculous and questionable.

The only thing missing was the actual throwing of stones.

Jake Jagel, Michael Good and Donna Karlson did not deserve this mistreatment and attack. From what I could find, they are not and have not been involved in any lawsuit against the town.

Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate for the Warrant Committee to address these concerns with the individuals targeted if there had been any real issues? It could and should have been handled in a more appropriate manner. What has happened to respect, human kindness and compassion for others?

As a citizen of this community, I am embarrassed and ashamed for the town as a whole. Not a proud moment for this town to say the least.

It’s time for Lady Liberty, the U.S. Constitution, the courts of law, the golden rule and all they stand for, to reign and be in the forefront with our words and our actions.

Terri Zabala

Bar Harbor

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