Get over it

To the Editor:

It is disappointing that our town council put an issue on the ballot that has no merit to be there – deer hunting.

The council did not have and still does not have any facts or statistics or even know how many deer are in Bar Harbor.

The “Farmer’s Almanac” says this winter will be bitter. For 80 years, it has worked well to let nature choose its course. It should be noted that no Maine wildlife biologist official has said that our deer population is at a critical level. So, why is this on the ballot?

It was brought up that a number of deer were killed or involved in car accidents. Are the deer the only ones at fault? Will we become a place where no animal has the right to cross the road?

One hunter explained that the current generation of rifles could shoot through a 12-inch diameter tree. No one’s house has a wall that thick.

Lyme disease isn’t stopped by slaughtering the deer but by trying to understand the real beginnings of the disease.

Are deer eating your garden or shrubs? Get over it. Learn prevention through our wonderful resources such as the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

Save our deer .Vote against allowing deer hunting. Keep our island the place where people want to be.

Sharon Joyce

Bar Harbor

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