Full of wonder

To the Editor:

I was “full of wonder” when I went to the Mirus Academy Open House on March 1. As a retired elementary school teacher, I was really impressed with the first and second graders’ singing a song about all the states and their capitals, and their reciting 14 verses of the Gospel.

Latin, history, art and music are all taught in the first grade. The first through fourth graders all memorized long, beautiful poems, and all are learning about the Peloponnesian War and Greek mythology. The students show an excitement and love of learning, and their artwork was very impressive. The 3rd and 4th graders’ self-portraits were very well drawn. The level of artistry and music theory comprehension is a wonder to see in such young students. Mirus Academy lives up to their name: “full of wonder.”

The next open house is April 12.

Maryanna Fox

Southwest Harbor

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