Frivolous defense

To the Editor:

Sherry Rasmussen, in her June 11 letter to the Islander, falsely claims that three Warrant Committee members “had circulated a petition that resulted in a lawsuit against Bar Harbor.”

This is akin to blaming a woman who walks down the street carrying a purse for getting robbed.

The one Warrant Committee member who actively circulated a petition was doing what the charter, the LUO and the constitution encourage all citizens to do.

The seven town councilors who refused to obey the charter they had taken an oath to uphold all broke the law. The Hancock County Superior Court decided this simple legal issue in less than a day after a two-hour hearing on April 29. Let me repeat: seven town councilors broke the law. There can be no debate. The council must accept this hard truth. The question to be asked is why the town government thinks compliance with the law is optional.

If Rasmussen wants to see constructive progress in Bar Harbor, she should have watched the ten-month process which led Emera Maine to change the location of a planned transmission line from the Crooked Road to Route 3, to change the design of an electrical substation from a huge open air industrial structure to a pleasantly disguised compact building and to change the location of that substation to an area closer to the downtown area which drives the need for power.

These same Warrant Committee members were all instrumental in that cooperative process. The Town Council was AWOL. Emera Maine has shown the Town Council how it might govern: collaboratively and with respect for the town’s citizens. Will the council learn from this example or will it look for ways to evade the law and waste taxpayer money frivolously defending litigation it has no chance of winning.

Arthur Greif

Bar Harbor

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