Flat Earth

To the Editor:

I understand the need for “Flat Earth Society” groups to have a people espouse pseudoscience to dismiss legitimate concerns. But Tom Rolfes’ letter to the editor, “Scare Tactics,” in last week’s Islander downplaying the effects of glyphosate, the herbicide Round-up, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) was too much for me.

I’m not going into details because anybody can just look it up and find the facts for themselves. It’s not hard.

People obviously can say and believe what they want. I leave folks to enjoy whatever lifestyle they choose. But I’m going to venture a guess that it’s not so much a belief system as it is some kind of subconscious need to keep suppressing facts that attack the root of abuses incurred within a less-than-honest system that motivates many. That system, obviously, has been more beneficial to those among us who don’t have to worry about money. Facts seem to depend on where your bottom line is.

Rolfes’ other recent letters, attacking climate change, can be completely discredited simply by checking the facts he uses – most of which are themselves discredited. But when someone starts defending the herbicide Round-up, which has been banned in many countries, then they need to be called to task.

Crow Suncloud

Southwest Harbor

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