Flag foible

To the Editor:

One of our daughters lives on Mount Desert Island. We love everything about her choice of where to live. She sends us a subscription to the Islander, which we eagerly read before any other papers.

However, we were deeply disappointed with the Oct. 16 issue, page one of section 2. Can it be that the producers of a play at the Criterion Theater, or no one in the cast, or none of the paper’s staff, noticed that a flag hanging in one photograph from the show was displayed incorrectly?

When the American Flag is displayed flat against a wall, the union (the blue field with stars) should be placed to the observers’ left. Further, when displayed behind a speaker, the flag should be on the speaker’s right (the observers left). Any other flags should be on the speaker’s left.

I learned this one heck of a long time ago in grammar school. I’m 88 years old now.

If anyone is interested, the Amvets published a booklet on flag etiquette some time ago, and it may still be available.

Marvin Collier

Milford, Conn.

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