Fitting tribute

To the Editor:

Two weeks ago when I last visited the island, I was given a copy of “A Salute to the Rockefeller Legacy,” which was published in the Islander the week that David Rockefeller Sr. celebrated 100 years of life. Thank you for this well deserved tribute.

The article by Anne Kozak ably profiled his business acumen. In his exclusive interview with Rockefeller, Reporter Dick Broom turned reader attention away from “the world’s oldest billionaire” to his gift of 1,000 acres of land to the Mount Desert Land and Garden Preserve.

The scope of his father’s donation to Acadia National Park is, unfortunately, understated. I have before me park superintendent John M. Good’s Oct. 18, 1968 letter to Mr. Dana at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Therein he states that John D. Rockefeller Jr. “gave 9,599.08 acres to Acadia” prior to his death, a gift many times larger.

It is our good fortune that the Rockefeller Archive Center and local attorneys Luere B. Deasy, A.H. Lynam, and brothers David and Serenus Rodick were so fastidious in preserving the historic record of clients Rockefeller and Dorr.

Without this evidence, unintended misstatements could not be corrected.

Ronald H. Epp

Lebanon, PA

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