Fighting drug abuse

To the Editor:

Last week, I had the opportunity, with 45 others, to watch a documentary film “The Hungry Heart” sponsored by Acadia Family Center at the Southwest Harbor Library.

The film told the story of 30 people, mostly young adults (twelve to early 20s) in a small Vermont town dealing with the devastation of opioid abuse. A local pediatrician who had been their childhood doctor now treated them in adolescence for drug addiction.

The film was disturbing, sometimes hard to watch and too familiar because of the growing drug and alcohol addiction happening here on Mount Desert Island.

Following the film, Dr. Daniel Johnson, executive director of Acadia Family Center, led an informative, open discussion of opioid addiction, its consequences, treatment and alarming statistics of this growing issue.

I recommend and urge parents, health care professionals and anyone else who has been exposed to drug and alcohol addiction in our families to view the next screening of “The Hungry Heart” on Oct. 17 at the Jesup Memorial Library in Bar Harbor.

Living here on MDI, we are all responsible to help one another live productive and healthy lives. The first step is to be informed.

Daphne Milliken

Hulls Cove