Faulty towers

To The Editor:

Visitors need to be made aware that building cairns and towers of rocks on beaches and in Acadia National Park is damaging to the natural landscape and promotes erosion.

This morning, I knocked over at least 50 such structures on the boulder beach near Otter Cliffs. The sea berm at Ship Harbor has been shockingly altered by these endeavors.

Park officials have told me they are struggling to keep up with the dismantling of these harmful towers.

I’ve taught my grandchildren that it took 10 thousand years of natural forces to form our beaches. And while it’s fun to build towers and fairy caves, these must be dismantled before we leave. Take a picture, then knock it over!

More education on this issue would surely go a long way, as most visitors respect the natural environment of Acadia and would want to help preserve it.

Ann Caswell

Seal Cove

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