Fair taxes

To the Editor:

Recently, I paid a visit to the assessor’s office in the town of Mount Desert to check on the town’s property tax valuations, current and past, for the six acres of property owned by Harold MacQuinn Inc in Hall Quarry.

Company officials have claimed it has been an active commercial quarry.

The future use of this property for quarrying has been vigorously contested for the past several years. The property is described in the records by the town as “vacant land.”

I looked up the definition for vacant in the dictionary and found “free from activity or work. Yet this is the same property that three members of the town’s planning board recently determined to be grandfathered based on extremely spotty evidence that the quarry had been in continuous use as a quarry over the past many years.

How can it be taxed as vacant yet be classified a commercial use?

What is going on here? Am I missing something?

C.H. Breedlove

Hall Quarry

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