Fair chase jamboree

To the Editor:

I’m a Maine hunter who has avidly walked the woods for over 40 years enjoying fair chase of big game. As with the previous referendum concerning the bear baiting controversy, I’ve studied and listened keenly to both sides of the issue.

Clearly, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and their constituents, primarily from the coastal plain of Maine, have an agenda to prohibit bear hunting with bait, hounds and trapping. Significantly, opposing this issue are professional biologists who say these techniques are necessary to control an abundant bear population.

Biologists have convinced me the rate of expansion in the bear population is in a direct cycle with ebb and flow of annual natural food sources and not due to a few weeks of baiting. I’m convinced the science of these world- respected biologists is sound.

My idea is for the thousands of anti-baiting folks, to hold a jamboree to chase the Maine black bear. Please spend millions of dollars to bolster the Maine economy.

The rules are simple. Start at the great Kennebec River and begin chasing elusive bears to your hearts content. Run, chase, trip over blow downs, sink in muck, nearly drown crossing beaver bogs all the way to Fort Kent. It’s your choice when to decide how far to trundle before realizing how difficult spotting a black bear really is.

I fear the jamboree will be poorly attended. The HSUS agenda isn’t about the fair chase of bear, but to restrict hunting all together. Sadly, Mainers will financially suffer if the yes vote perseveres.

Have you taught your children while on yhe dock at your lakefront property to fish? Yes, to bait a hook with a worm and reel in a fish? Is this fair chase or hypocrisy?

Harry Chapman

Bar Harbor

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