FAA, Grinch and savior

To the Editor:

Born and raised on Mount Desert Island and with deep family roots in Trenton, I enjoy reading the Islander. Two articles with a common thread in the Aug. 13 edition give both a chuckle and pause for reflection.

One concerns the Goose Cove oyster farm and other the improvements at the seaplane ramp. Both projects are stalled by bureaucrats at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) whose only concern is to keep those studies and reviews alive and provide themselves with employment. That the FAA should be involved in either is another example of federal agencies overstepping their authority based on flimsy jurisdictional claims.

The chuckle is that for some folks in Trenton, the FAA is the “Grinch” on one issue and the savior on the other.

Guess it’s a question of whose ox gets gored.

Donald Stover


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