To the Editor:

Thank you to the Bar Harbor Deer Herd Task Force for inviting Chuck Lubelczyk from Maine Medical Center’s Vector Borne Disease Lab to attend the public hearing on Oct. 27. This presentation should have occurred months ago prior to any management plan being proposed or created.

People want to be involved in the decision making process, but we need an extensive amount of accurate and reliable information. In order to make informed decisions, we need all the necessary and controversial data, which can only be accomplished through education, research, conversation and inclusion.

Thank you to Mr. Lubelczyk for the enlightening, informational and educational presentation on Lyme disease and the black-legged ticks, while trying to remain impartial at best. I feel the overall lecture was well received and appreciated. Many walked away with a better and clearer understanding of the problem the state is facing, not just Bar Harbor.

This is a step in the right direction. While we start looking at our options and the tools we can use, much more work needs to be done and more data needs to be collected before we begin making decisions as to the direction we want to take to manage the problems associated with the black-legged ticks.

As for the issues with the deer herd size and health, vegetation damage and auto accidents, these also need more attention to details, research and gathering of information.

We need to educate people and determine what all our options are to better address the perceived problems. First, we need to determine if a detrimental problem exists or if it’s just a case of people not wanting to be bothered by the nature of wildlife and our own contributing behaviors.

This presents a great opportunity for the community at large, the educational system and the health and research facilities to collaborate.

Terri Zabala

Bar Harbor

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