Empty promises

To The Editor:

Here in Maine, we must vote in less than a month.

There is the big election coming in 2016, but this year’s is big for us

A local septic service tank truck has a caution sign on the back of the tank that sports the perfect answer as to why we must vote. It says: “Caution! This tank is full of politician’s empty promises.”

Voting “yes” on Question 1 will support transparency by shining a light on special interest money in Maine elections. It will enhance accountability by creating stricter fines and penalties for special interests that break our election laws, and it will improve fairness by encouraging strict campaign spending and contribution limits.

We need to vote Yes on Question 1 to get dark, secretive money out of elections so that the septic tank truck is no longer full of those empty promises. We need to take back control of Maine elections so that power is in the hands of the voters, not special interests giving us empty promises.

Let’s get politicians to work for us; not big money.

Marjorie Monteleon

Southwest Harbor

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