E-bike worries

To the Editor:

As a senior I know well the limitations and losses which come with age. And I sympathize with those on whom they are too early inflicted.

As a cyclist, I worry about those who have difficulty walking taking to the carriage trails on motorized bikes.

People laugh, but I wear hiking shoes when cycling in the park. Little accidents happen. Bikes malfunction. Many areas of the trails are remote to parking. Cell service is erratic.

My plan B is to wheel my bike however far I must or can to reach help. If you have difficulty walking, then what is your plan B?

And please don’t call me a bicycle purist if I think there is virtue in keeping the trails motor free. It is the only place one can cycle without fear of motor vehicles.

And I have already seen seemingly fit people on e-bikes acting with total ignorance or disregard of cycling etiquette, unsafe at any speed and made worse at higher speeds too easily maintained on motorized bikes.

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor

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