Dump city

To the Editor:

The discussion about paying per-bag trash fees in Bar Harbor brings to mind the problems we have in Ellsworth.

We own property both in Bar Harbor and Ellsworth. If you live in in-town Ellsworth, you pay for stickers on bags and set them out on the appropriate day for the bags to be picked up by the town.

Have we though about that for Bar Harbor? Out-of-town residents of Ellsworth have to bring your stickered bags to the transfer station. We own land alongside an Ellsworth lake. The area is also known as “dump city.”

If you would like to get complete sets of dead tires for your garden, broken televisions, rusty grills and water heaters, and don’t forget boxes of dead pets that people didn’t want to take the time to bury but want them next to a lake, by all means “come on down.”

We got ’em and don’t know how to prevent this year after year.

Some folks would say it is an enforcement problem. A bag of trash with a return address inside is capable of being a negotiated enforcement issue. Tires, grills, water heaters, televisions and pet carcasses don’t have return addresses on them.

I don’t think we want Bar Harbor to be plagued by the same problem out-of-town land owners in Ellsworth have to put up with.

Edward and Anne Damm

Bar Harbor

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