To the Editor:

While we may not be able to stop the negative political ads at the national level, my hope is that we can, at least, remove them from our local political arena. In six days, I received three different fliers put out by Senator Brian Langley’s opponents presenting him as someone willing to poison children for his own political gain. Really?

As is often the case with blatant distortions, the truth inevitably comes out, managing, in the process, to reveal the true character of the parties involved.

In light of Langley’s impressive record in regards to being a steward of the environment, including his multiple votes to remove BPA from consumer goods, it would be an act of good faith on the part of his opponent to formally distance himself from these low-brow tactics.

It would be a welcome step towards the healthy political discourse the voters of District 7 deserve and expect from a candidate for the Maine Senate.

Jon Hubbard

Bar Harbor

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