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To the Editor:

Last December, I received two calls from federal credit unions and a credit card company requesting confirmation of suspicious actions. It turns out my accounts had been compromised.

I conduct personal banking online with Bar Harbor Banking and Trust. I called their customer service branch, explained the situation to a very helpful woman there. She immediately expedited procedures to freeze, close and open new accounts. She was a phone call away with friendly, professional advice and updates.

On the first of January, with no active account remaining open, some of my key deposits did not go through. I called a customer service representative at the Southwest Harbor Branch. She reviewed with me the legitimacy of checks previously written and my authorized monthly payments. She handled everything and got my finances back on track.

Federal credit unions provide security and service for members but don’t seem to be as responsive. However, in this climate of stolen identity, compromised accounts etc., any delay in action only causes additional problems.

Throughout this recent process, I am appreciative that my personal finances are done through my hometown bank, Bar Harbor Banking and Trust. Their representatives are the epitome of customer service.

Shirley Hiller

Southwest Harbor

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