Court confirmation

To the Editor:

I had the good fortune to live in Bar Harbor for a few years during the days of the Acadia Waldorf School.

I loved everything about the island — the wonderful creativity of the residents, the stunning beauty throughout the park and the entire island, and the progressive politics. Though I moved away when the school folded, I retain a deep fondness for this special place, and all of Maine.

Please let Susan Collins know that she works for you and not for Donald Trump. If she listens to her constituents, perhaps she can be swayed to proceed with a lot of caution in confirming the recent nominee for the Supreme Court, a person who fulfilled the wish list of the most conservative factions of our society.

While there is reason to fear the overturn of significant social legislation should the court tilt to the right, even more dangerous is the possibility of lifting the president above any repercussions of the Mueller investigation.

Please let Susan Collins know that there can be no confirmation while the president is under investigation for serious crimes. Her vote could be decisive.

Sharon Lazerson

Great Barrington, Mass.

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