Could not be saved

To the Editor:

Thank you for printing the letter from Judith Burger-Gossart regarding the demise of the house in Salisbury Cove known as Bow-End. I would like to add some more information.

People with old connections to the MDI Biological Laboratory and Salisbury Cove started getting concerned about the condition of Bow-End. The first meeting took place in June 2015, and many more followed.

Meetings were attended by area residents, those with lab connections, historians and architects. Many dedicated responsible people researched and gathered important historical information on the properties and buildings of Salisbury Cove.

More than 50 people were involved with hope, ideas, determination and money acquisition regarding the saving of Bow-End. It was all to no avail.

Now, if one drives down Old Bar Harbor Road, Bow-End is gone.

Mary B. Opdyke

Salisbury Cove

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