Corporate greed

To the Editor:

I read in a Bloomsberg Business post that UnitedHealthcare is thinking about withdrawing from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) because $5 billion in profits for 2014 was not enough.

UnitedHealthcare is the endorsed supplier of Supplemental Insurance for Medicare recipients. I wanted to know what the process is for insuring that AARP members are getting their money’s worth, so I wrote to Joann Jenkins, CEO of AARP. I have to think that there are millions of AARP members who take the endorsement on face value and do not explore other options. I asked how often AARP put its endorsement out for bids? I bet Anthem or Aetna would be more than happy to participate in a bidding war for the endorsement.

In a article discussing the fact that UnitedHealthcare is considering withdrawing from ACA participation, it said AARP policy holders would not be affected. Of course they would be affected. Where do you think they would get their larger profits? The premiums paid by their other policy holders, many of them AARP members, would be increased if they were not constrained by the ACA.

If we follow AARP blindly, we will be paying larger premiums so that UnitedHealthcare shareholders can get more money. This is corporate greed. I encourage others to ask these questions too.

I have contacted AARP and Jenkins five times and have yet to hear from her or a member of her staff.

Doug Bird

Bar Harbor

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