Concealed gun lunacy

To the Editor:

LD 652, a bill that would allow people to carry concealed weapons in Maine without a permit, is a recipe for disaster and mayhem and should not be enacted.

Domestic abusers will be much more “effective.”

Road rage will be much more dramatic and will easily escalate from just giving and getting the finger.

Our police chiefs are against it. They are the ones to have to inform the victims’ families. People with legitimate needs can get a permit now. Current regulations should be upgraded and vigorously enforced.

I have no training in handling any weapon except a World War II Garand MI rifle. That was almost 60 years ago. Many who hunt know at least the basics of gun safety. Most Mainers, contrary to what you read on occasion, aren’t trained and don’t need to conceal firearms without restraint.

Ted Bromage


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