Community values

To the Editor:

This is a heartfelt thank you note from the parents of Lexie, the beautiful and sweet-spirited golden retriever who disappeared in the Valentine’s Day snowstorm in the West Tremont woods only to be found several days later in the Suminsby Park Picnic Area on Sargeant Drive.

Many of you searched for Lexie day and night. Many of you let us post notices in your stores and offices. Some of you spread the word by email, radio, Facebook, websites and this newspaper. Others offered helpful suggestions and expressed support.

Policemen, snowplow crews, Acadia Veterinary Hospital staff, friends, neighbors and people we will never meet and will never know generously volunteered to try and bring Lexie home safe and sound, or care for her in other important ways.

Collectively, everyone involved did all that was possible to rescue Lexie.

Rural and island communities still retain strong values around the importance of pitching in and helping when emergencies arise. How impressive and inspiring it has been to see those important values alive and well on Mount Desert Island. We feel personally enriched in witnessing the amazing outpouring of concern and compassion that so many of you put into action.

Your generous outpouring of support matched Lexie’s fine and sweet spirit and serves as a salve for our wounded hearts.

As C.S. Lewis said, “The sadness now is part of the happiness then. That’s the deal.” Thank you all.

Lois Winter

Val Healey


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