Cold steel

To the Editor:

After receiving a written accolade from the director of the State of Maine Office of Economic Development on my presentation, layout and informative application to have Southwest Harbor be certified as a Business-Friendly Community, imagine my surprise when I opened the recent issue of the Islander and found that the Southwest Harbor Town Manager, Chamber of Commerce Director and “other town staff” were responsible for winning that award. Congratulations!

This comes after nearly a year of begging information from all of those now taking credit, receiving an inordinate amount of negative feedback from others after the application was submitted and creating page after page of justification.

The final blow was having to write a quote for the Governor “from the town manager.”

I am left with only the sensation of cold steel protruding from my back.

After losing a town clerk, a police chief, countless deputy clerks and administrative assistants, and now union troubles abound, in large part, to their poor treatment of staff, what’s next for the management of the town? Will Southwest Harbor stake its claim in the successful containment of Ebola? Bravo!

Nelia A. Lake

Former Southwest Harbor Deputy Town Clerk


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