To the Editor:

Kudos to the Islander for its recent editorial standing up for Bar Harbor residents and protecting the character of our lovely seaside village!

Of course, a new parking garage downtown would be nice to have and would help alleviate parking during the busiest few weeks of the summer. But not at the expense of defacing the downtown area with chintzy curbside parking meters and exacerbating parking and traffic problems on side streets and in residential neighborhoods where parking is free.

If construction and maintenance costs are not covered by those who have a need for extra parking and who will use the garage, then the town can’t afford it, and another solution is needed.

In particular, what happened to the recommendation to develop satellite parking areas, including long-term lots near the head of the island and short-term lots at the town periphery?

Combined with other recommendations in the thorough and comprehensive 2002 report on file in the town’s planning office, parking problems downtown could be resolved without further eroding the community’s character or creating additional problems on side streets and in residential neighborhoods.

Most important, the satellite solution is far less costly and very affordable.

Don Murphy

Bar Harbor

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