Up to the challenge

To the Editor:

As I write this, the town’s highway crew has been at it all night keeping the roads open. Every member of the crew is in. This might not sound like much, and we do take it for granted at times, but it is a big deal.

Please bear with us as we move the snow – we are running out of room to put it. We will get to the sidewalks when we can but for now are concentrating on the roads. The sidewalk plow is experiencing mechanical problems and is limping along with parts to make the repairs due us Thursday, Feb. 5. Route 3 between Little Long Pond and the seawall is down to one lane due to drifting. We are in the process of getting it open to two lanes with the backhoe.

This is one of the state roads we take care of in the winter. The wastewater crew has been scrambling from plant to plant, Seal Harbor to Northeast Harbor to Somesville, keeping portable heaters fueled and running so portions of the clarifier’s – the domed tanks – do not freeze solid and put us in violation of our DEP licenses.

Our solid waste staff has been backtracking when it is safe to do so getting garbage that was put out at varying times due to the storms throwing off our schedules. From today through the end of the week, we are on the regular schedule, weather permitting. The walkways around the town office will be cleared by noon today if not sooner.

In 14 years, I have never had a crew member not come in when called and stay in until released to go home to take care of their own driveways and yards. We have a great crew in public works, and I thank them. We appreciate the patience of all those we serve through this “real” winter.

If you have any questions, please call me at 276-5743.

Tony Smith

Public Works Director

Town of Mount Desert

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