Celebrate life in Paris

To the Editor:

A resident of Hall Quarry for most of the year, I am in Paris for the month of November. The recent events here are a reminder of the ignominy of terrorists who have no place in their hearts for such qualities as tolerance, brotherhood and peace.

Having lived in Paris for 26 years, I have been witness to many terrorist attacks over the decades. I was even in one in 1985 at the central police station when I was renewing my green card.

I always have been struck by the rock-steadiness of Parisians, who are not intimidated easily. They do not give in to fear. They celebrate life. In fact, Paris is life, and Parisians celebrate it each moment of the day and night.

If you give in to fear, the terrorists win. And they won’t.

It is two days after the attack, and I will walk along the Seine today with no trepidation. France is a great nation and will not be defeated by cowards and barbarians.

Lawrence Schulman

Hall Quarry

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