Building for future

To the Editor:

For some time, it has seemed that Bar Harbor, as is the case for other towns, might be wise to step up its efforts to plan for the future.

Emera of Maine has expressed the need for improving the infrastructure, and this may present an opportunity to plan, keeping in mind the growing demand for business as well as the welfare of the population.

The plans for a new electric substation appear to offer a chance to employ new technology that is being used in urban areas, rather than the traditional galvanized, open air structures. The new versions being built in Europe have the benefit, by means of modular construction, of specially designed circuit breakers and are completely enclosed.

Bar Harbor, as well as Mount Desert Island in general, has experienced a gradual shift from what once was a summer colony with local people living in a rural way to a more metropolitan area. In the 1960s, ‘up island’ was a rural place.

The shift from rural to suburban living has resulted in a conflict between maintaining a pastoral landscape and a business community focused on a bigger tourist economy. Future planning would do well to accommodate both. Including state-of-the-art technology will help us build for a future that includes a way of life we wish to protect.

Sam Dunlap

Bar Harbor

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