Bow-End’s demise

To the Editor:

Our dear neighbor in Salisbury Cove, Bow-End, elderly, of an uncertain age, passed from the earth on Jan. 6.

She was chronically ill, resuscitation was hoped for. However, eventually it was recognized that her condition was terminal. She was bulldozed.

She was not a grand lady, but a strikingly simple early Maine farmhouse with an attached barn and a lovely view of Salisbury Cove. She housed and sheltered many people over her long life: farmers and their families, scientists, students, and in the end, raccoons, birds, squirrels and other wildlife.

By chance, I found her sign, “Bow-End,” in the snow just days before her demise. I brought it home for safekeeping.

Bow-End was short for Rainbow’s End. She was a dream house in the 1950s with beautiful gardens, an apple orchard. Her rooms were filled with early American antiques. Helen V. Neal was the creator of all this domestic attention. She and her husband leased the house from the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory. They were scientists.

David Rockefeller Sr. has credited Neal for giving him his love of nature and love for Mount Desert Island.

Bow-End served as a gentle reminder of a past that was slower, and in some ways, simpler. She is mourned by the many people who knew and loved her quiet presence in our village.

Judith Burger-Gossart

Salisbury Cove

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