Blatant lies

To the Editor:

I recently watched an ad on television station WABI TV5 and was outraged and offended by the content.

A woman was stating that when she worked at an abortion clinic, she was required to sell the fetal body parts for money as part of her job. That is outrageous, patently untrue and disgustingly offensive, not to mention an affront to every woman who watches it.

I can’t believe a television station I watch every day would air an ad so offensive and insulting to me and all women.

When I contacted the station by phone, the man I spoke to was quite defensive and said it was not their policy to verify the truth of an ad. So I asked him if I were to run an ad espousing lies about a particular religious group or race of people, would they air that? He said “no.”

Regardless of your opinion about a controversial issue, I feel electronic media should not be airing ads espousing blatant lies about an important issue.

Rebecca Richardson

Bar Harbor

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