The blame house

To the Editor:

Many of us awoke to another 4-year hangover on Nov. 5. Governor Paul LePage helped his own cause in recent weeks by making nice for a change. If he is taking a new pill, I’d like to try it. Although I suspect that for both of us, the congeniality is superficial and will be short-lived.

You can’t blame LePage for being a boor and making Maine the national butt of bumpkin smears. We’ve watched him act on ungoverned impulses for four years and then re-elected him.

Independent Eliot Cutler played the biggest part once again in saddling us with LePage, just as another spoiler, Ralph Nader, left the George W. Bush debacle stinking on our doorsteps.

I don’t blame Cutler for running, not at all. He came very close to winning the time before. But it became clear early this time around that there would be no miraculous surge. His sticking around to nitpick Michaud’s ideas – which he accomplished better than LePage – and his untimely and half-hearted release of his backers mean that he just spoiled things in a muddling way. He was no more far-sighted nor less vain than Nader. Cutler had plenty of good ideas, perhaps, but he was no statesman.

A big albatross should also be hung around the neck of former first lady Barbara Bush. It was no surprise at all to see a willful bully like New Jersey governor Chris Christie drape his arm over the shoulders of a like-minded governor. But when the dowager queen of a political dynasty came onscreen to say that we should re-elect LePage for being frank and outspoken like her, Barbara Bush traded on her good reputation in the effort to get him a few more votes.

To paraphrase LePage – sometimes have to take it.


Paul DeVore

Hulls Cove

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