Bag plan bad idea

To the Editor:

The proposed “pay per bag” play for trash disposal is a bad idea for Bar Harbor for many reasons.

Trash will be thrown into the woods and along roadsides, as people will resent paying for disposal. They already pay taxes.

We live in an area of the country where recycling of many materials is limited. Large communities have access to bigger markets for selling recyclables.

“Pay per bag” requires aggressive policing, which would mean hiring more personnel to oversee the operation.

As a former chair of the Bar Harbor Conservation Commission, member of the town council and an active volunteer in Acadia National Park for 22 years, I have a known record of trying to support conservation here on Mount Desert Island. However, I feel that this will not support conservation and has the potential of causing a big mess in our National Park and on the island.

It’s a bad idea. Forget it.

Julia Schloss

Bar Harbor

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