Backs Bernie

To the Editor:

We already have entered into the 2016 presidential campaign, like it or not.

And there is much to like since Bernie Sanders threw his hat into the ring, seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party.

He will not be a spoiler, and he consistently rebuffs the television journalists hoping to instigate personal attacks on his Democratic rivals. Bernie’s campaign is all about the issues that affect the 99 percent of Americans whose increasing productivity has been rewarded with decreasing prosperity.

Bernie Sanders has consistently fought for the middle and working class since his career in public service began as mayor of Burlington, Vt. He has not amassed a millionaire’s fortune from his service in Congress and the Senate. He is consistently ignored or dismissed by the media and is relying upon volunteers and small donations to challenge the front runners and repair the damage done by the political class’ slavish service to corporate interests.

As we recoil to see our local taxes rise and local economy sink, it is important to realize where the resources in one of the wealthiest and most productive economies have gone: upwards to the one percent. It is important to know who is fighting to reverse that trend. It is important to know Bernie Sanders is counting on all of us to create the grass roots campaign to restore sanity and balance to our democracy.

Jay Skriletz


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