At risk

To the Editor:

The ACLU of Maine was disappointed to learn that the large majority of participants in the governor’s recent drug summit represent law enforcement, while very few represent the medical and recovery communities.

According to a press release from the governor’s office, participants in the summit included 15 law enforcement agents and prosecutors, but fewer than five doctors and recovery specialists.

There is not a single defense attorney on the list, nor anyone listed as having experienced addiction themselves.

How can there be a fully informed conversation about addiction at a summit where law enforcement agents and prosecutors outnumber medical professionals three to one? If the governor actually had wanted to protect the health and safety of all Mainers, he would have included more people who know about public health.

Instead, his stubborn refusal to recognize the importance of treatment and recovery in combating addiction puts Mainers at risk.

Oamshri Amarasingham

Policy Counsel

ACLU of Maine


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