Assault on Earth

To the Editor:

I appreciate the opportunity to publicly express my thoughts concerning the commercial quarrying operation taking place within my neighborhood of Hall Quarry. I have personally experienced the egregious, intolerable noise produced by the industrial activities which take place just beyond my residential property line day after day, week after week, year after year. My concerns, however, extend beyond my own well being.

I consider this commercial quarrying operation an assault on the earth. It is nothing short of the industrial ravaging of the land. Ironically, this activity has been allowed to take place directly in the middle of an island renowned for its pristine beauty, the same natural beauty so many in the past have fought so hard to preserve, the very same unspoiled landscape so many travel great distances to admire and appreciate.

Sanctioned to take place without permit since the spring of 2010, this assault reaches beyond our recent past and is poised to continue well beyond our present. It is a widening gash and permanent scar that will remain here long after our time.

While pink granite may be sold to enhance the landscapes of properties both near and far, the visual ravages left behind will remain within Mount Desert for generations to come.

For Jeffery Gammelin, operator of this mineral extraction activity, this is the ideal location for his pursuits. It provides easy access to both former and potential clients here on this island. Easy pickings and personal gain compel a select few to benefit from the suffering they impose upon neighbors both now and in future.

Typically, it is water that eventually halts quarry operations and compounds the threat to public safety. Equipment and granite are abandoned, often submerged under the surface of what becomes a man-made lake. A lake can be irresistible on a hot summer day. Go ahead. Close your eyes. Jump in.

Laurie Shencavitz

Hall Quarry

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