As the fires burn

To the Editor:

The world is on fire. Not only Down Under but also in the streets of many nations. Civil protests have erupted recently because of economic inequalities, climate destruction, corruption and political repression. It’s a worldwide phenomenon.

As I watched these protests, I was struck by how young the protesters were. Where were the adults? My thoughts then went to our revolution of 1776. The pictures that popped into my mind were the portraits of the founding fathers. They were old men. But how old were they in 1776? Here’s a sample: Marquis de Lafayette, 18; James Monroe, 18; John Marshall, 20; Alexander Hamilton, 21; Betsy Ross, 24; James Madison, 25; Henry Knox, 25; John Paul Jones, 28; Abigail Adams, 31; Nathanael Greene, 33; Thomas Jefferson, 33; Benedict Arnold, 35; King George III, 38; Thomas Paine, 39; Patrick Henry, 40; John Adams, 40; Paul Revere, 41; George Washington, 44; Samuel Adams, 53; Benjamin Franklin, 70.

So as we all continue to watch the fires burn, know that the firefighters are young adults who have the passion, energy and intelligence to put them out. Peace.

Tom Walker

Mount Desert

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