Anxiety free

To the Editor:

There’s a certain amount of anxiety that happens when you start something brand new. This is especially true when it is a fundraiser for an event you intensely care about and believe in.

But in May, the Bar Harbor Fire Department graciously opened the station up for a pancake breakfast for the Bar Harbor Kids Book Festival and all that anxiety proved to be pointless. Why? Because the people of this community are rock stars, caring and giving and kind, ready to help and support each other in big ways and small.

As members of the Bar Harbor Kids Book Festival Board, we’d like to thank the Bar Harbor Fire Department, Hannafords, Lazy Lobster, Allen’s Blueberry Freezer, Bar Harbor/MDI Rotary Club, Jesup Memorial Library, Artwaves, Bar Harbor Mystery Cove Book Shop and the Bar Harbor Police Department for donations of time, goods and equipment.

Volunteers from the fire department, police department, Rotary, MDI YMCA Togetherhood Program, Jesup Library and the Bar Harbor Congregational Church cleaned up, shopped, set-up, flipped pancakes and averted a coffee disaster.

Spontaneous donations from the Trailhead Café and Independent Café saved the day.

We were raising funds because the Bar Harbor Book Festival is creating an annual regional event that is fun and thought-provoking and engages passion and literacy in local youth by connecting readers, writers and illustrators.

Thank you to all who volunteered, donated and came to the Bar Harbor Fire House. We appreciate all your support and kindness so much.

Carrie Jones

Shaun Farrar

John Willett

Mel Rice

Doreen Willett

Steven Boucher

Liz Cutler

Barbara Baron Gifford

Bar Harbor

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