Amazing planes

To the Editor:

I recently read the Islander editorial “Aerial annoyances” and was struck by how different my reaction is to the so-called “aerial invasion.”

I live about a mile from the Hancock County Airport. Our house is located near the takeoff and approach patterns for the runways. In the spring, I find myself running outside to spot the early wave of bi-planes, tow-planes pulling the glider and sight-seeing aircrafts. When it was here, I rushed out to see the B-17 fly over.

On the day the paragliders were out, it was a delight to see their colorful parachutes flying by. I never tire of seeing or hearing them buzz over our house.

A few years ago, my husband and I took a bi-plane tour over Mount Desert Island in the fall. It was the most amazing plane ride I have ever had. Whenever I see the yellow bi-plane in the air, I remember that wonderful experience.

I say, let’s keep the planes flying.

Michele Daley