All Mainers

To the Editor:

Recently, a woman in a bank in Ellsworth told me a story about her great-grandfather.

During the Victorian era in Bar Harbor, a worker was crossing Cottage Street. Moments before, a horse-drawn carriage had wildly broken free from the driver and barreled down the street. The worker did not see the team rushing toward him, and the carriage and horses crushed him. He was injured badly, so his friends rushed him to the hospital in Bar Harbor. However, the hospital refused to admit him because he was a local and not a summer resident. He was taken to the hospital in Ellsworth, but by the time he arrived, he had died.

It was a grim event, and one that we think our society has outgrown. However, Governor LePage and his cronies are still denying health coverage for workers who have jobs but who don’t qualify for Medicaid and don’t make enough to buy health care through Obamacare.

We need a Senator who cares about all hard-working Mainers, not just the wealthy. We need a Senator who doesn’t pander to corporations. We need someone who doesn’t kneel down to the Tea Party and memorize the ALEC handouts so he can rationalize his less-than-moral choices.

Ted Kaufmann will support the hard-working people from Maine. He believes in fairness and supporting those who work hard. That’s why I’m supporting him for Senate.

Claire Daniel