Act accordingly

To the Editor:

Islander letter-to-the-editor writer James Kitler argues that there is insufficient evidence to support scientific claims of man-made climate change, and that there is evidence to contradict those claims. That’s his opinion.

He rightly points out that science builds on theory, and that theory may be displaced by more theory.

However, proof isn’t theory, nor is it, as the letter states, in “subsequent investigation” of theory.

Proof is what happens in time. Proof really is in the pudding!

We believe in gravity not because of theory, but because people and objects don’t levitate.

Kitler quotes a blogger who says “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who claim it’s a crisis act like it’s a crisis.”

What kind of action would that be? Do we invest in a rubber boat or go for a camel and a water bag?

Do we hunker down and guzzle whiskey or do we all hold hands and drink the Kool Aid? Do we head for Mars? Or take up arms and declare war on those who disagree with us? Do we snicker at those who use solar panels and windmills as we crank up our petroleum consumption? Do we click to another channel when we see victims of flood, drought, tornado and killer heat waves?

We have two options: to believe or not to believe in man-made climate change and to act accordingly.

Regardless of whether or not current weather events are caused by man, nature or both, this much is certain: For the first time in human history, we are faced with a quandary involving the possible destruction of the planet and its ability to support life.

Given that, the question we must answer is: Which mistake can we live with?

Judith Steinhauer


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