To the Editor: A tireless candidate  

To the Editor: 

Worried about our politics? Feel better by imagining an ideal candidate. She’d be diligent, listen to all voices and affirm working class solidarity learned at her family table. She’d champion public education and defend our beautiful environment. She’d have proved her legislative skills through four years as a state representative in Augusta. Good news! You have that candidate: Nicole Grohoski. 

In a June 14 special election, our region will elect a new state senator to succeed Louie Luchini, who has accepted a job with the U.S. Small Business Administration. The candidate elected then will stand again in the general election in November.  

Nicole Grohoski is a Hancock County native. Her mom was a school nurse and her dad was an electrician. She ran cross-country with Louis Luchini at Ellsworth High School and went on scholarship to Middlebury College in Vermont, graduating with a degree in environmental studies and chemistry. She’s applied those skills to serve northern New England as a researcher, map maker and teacher. Nicole has also been a volunteer firefighter and is an honored long-distance canoe champion. 

Nicole Grohoski is a tireless candidate. She loves knocking on doors to listen to constituents in order to better serve them in Augusta. In 2018, she ran for state representative from Ellsworth/Trenton and won. Reelected in 2020, she increased her vote by 20 percent. Her colleagues in the Maine House respect Nicole as an always-informed, hard-working partner with a bi-partisan “get it done” attitude. She serves on the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee, and has sponsored successful legislation to support firefighters and veterans, protect pollinators, reform recycling and expand internet access and privacy.  

As Nicole says, “In my efforts to serve my House district, I have learned about challenges for our whole county – from the American Aquafarms proposal, to regional housing, broadband and transportation needs and opportunities for us to thrive, like through efforts to create a biomedical hub of excellence. I am ready to give the Hancock County Senate District my all.” 

I hope you will join me in supporting Nicole Grohoski for State Senate on June 14 and in November.  


Jack Russell 

Mount Desert 




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