A small island

To the Editor:

For those whose income is from tourist-related businesses such as lodging, meals and souvenirs, this has been a wonderful summer.

For those of us who just live here, it has been horrible. The streets, sidewalks and businesses have been so jam-packed and lines are so long that we have trouble going about our regular errands, and all the parking spaces are taken.

Outside of town, there were many, many cars parked near each trail head. What sort of experience of nature can people be having on those park trails? Hikers must be spaced 10 feet apart all along their lengths.

All over Mount Desert Island, traffic jams have been the usual thing. People can’t get to work on time. In Acadia National Park, there’s no possibility of stopping your car near some attraction such as Thunder Hole to show it to your grandchildren. The road up Cadillac Mountain was closed six times in August because of all the vehicles.

Between the traffic jams, in which people must sit in their idling cars in hopes the line will start moving again, and the very large number of cars on the road, the air will be polluted by their exhaust fumes. I believe August had many smoggy days.

People, please! This place is an island and not nearly large enough for all the visitors we had this year. We can’t just spread out sideways because there is no sideways to spread out to. And we expect even larger crowds in 2016!

So many people crowded into this small area are destroying what they came to enjoy.

And by the way, parking meters (which always are a nuisance) on the streets of Bar Harbor aren’t going to help a bit. If more money is needed to build a parking garage in the middle of this crowded town, it would be better to charge parking fees for use of said garage.

Why should all of us pay for a facility that will benefit only the owners of adjacent businesses?

Beth Kidder

Bar Harbor

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