A family tradition

To the Editor:

The editorial in last week’s Islander regarding acknowledging John D. Rockefeller for his contributions to the development of what has become Acadia National Park is a welcome suggestion to honor the generosity of this great man and an excellent idea.

A similar thought occurred to me a few weeks back when you had that wonderful insert in the Islander celebrating the 100th birthday and life of David Rockefeller and his tremendous donation of 1,000 acres to the nonprofit Land and Garden Preserve which abuts Acadia and therefore extends the conservation of a huge block of land on Mount Desert Island.

While naming a mountain peak is an excellent thought, how about the “Rockefeller Park Loop Road?” It would be seen by hundreds of thousands more people and recognize not just John D, but the whole family, who, like David, carry on the tradition of their ancestor in giving back to the community.

Joe Losquadro


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