Letters to the editor

  • Letter to the Editor: It takes a village 

    To the Editor:    Drive-in town meeting, Bar Harbor style! Ninety voters turned out at the high school to participate from their vehicles in the COVID-19 version of democracy. From Town Clerk Sharon Linscott and her Deputy Katie Rodgers, to the police who directed us to parking spaces, to the volunteers who checked us in

  • Letter to the Editor: Let’s work together 

    To the Editor:  As superintendent of schools for the Mount Desert Island Regional School System AOS # 91, I join citizens across our nation to express sadness and regret for the senseless murder of George Floyd and other Black Americans. I care deeply about the safety and health of our students, staff and our communities. With this caring comes a

  • Letter to the Editor: Let’s all agree on a few things 

    To the Editor:  As we maneuver through these unchartered times and unfamiliar territory, the one thing that remains clear to all merchants and businesses who are open and catering to the public: it is so important that we make our patrons feel safe and comfortable when entering our stores, offices or galleries, whether we’re battling with

  • Letter to the Editor: Activities put others at risk 

    To the Editor:  I take issue with the Chamber’s FAQ answer as to what you can do while quarantining. I have a concern that the safety and health of our community is being put at risk by suggesting that canoeing, kayaking, swimming and taking a scenic drive are acceptable activities while quarantining in Maine.   During the time of

  • Letter to the Editor: Who’s at risk? 

    To the Editor:  A common concern about COVID-19 is “who is most at risk?” Some people say those individuals should protect themselves and that it is not our job to protect them.  Many of you are aware that the disease is more likely to result in death or severe illness in the elderly and those with preexisting

  • Letter to the Editor: Think before you vote 

    To the Editor:  Donald Trump first ran for President wearing a red cap and using the slogan “Make American Great Again.” He was elected.   Now he is running for reelection as the head of the Republican Party with the support of all the Republican Senators and House members who have supported him for the past three-and-a-half

  • Letter to the Editor: This is the time 

    To the Editor:  As a nurse-midwife working to improve health care for women, I’ve spent time on Capitol Hill informing legislators about midwifery practice and health risks for Maine women: access to care, closing rural maternity services, etc. I learned that educating our legislators is challenging but critical. We need a senator from Maine who is informed