Letters to the editor

  • Letter to the Editor: Thank you, Hannaford

    To the Editor:  I want to thank Hannaford for all you are doing for our community. I see you and your employees on the same plane of gratitude we owe the first responders and heath care workers. You are truly on the front lines of this pandemic. Your employees cannot social distance as you serve hundreds of people a day providing essential

  • Letter to the Editor: Ring a bell

    To the Editor:  I received an email from a dear friend in Switzerland telling about the challenges they are facing to maintain their sense of community as they hunker down to defeat COVID-19. What struck me most was that everyone in all communities across the country pause and ring their bells at 7 p,m, each night to

  • Letter to the Editor: Virusland

    To the Editor:  Right now, the only defense against COVID 19 is prevention. We have no acquired immunity, no vaccine, no effective treatment.   The virus is carried into each new area somehow. Quickly detecting cases and stopping its spread is much easier the fewer cases one has to discover.  We are now all making many

  • Letter to the Editor: Setting the record straight

    To the Editor:  This publication recently published a letter to the editor that portrayed an unfair and biased depiction of Senator Susan Collins’ record (Islander, Mar. 12). As the most bipartisan member of the US Senate, it’s unsurprising that those who hold hyper-partisan views take issue with her record, but I think it’s important to stick with

  • Letter to the Editor: It’s been said

    To the Editor:  On March 10, the Bar Harbor Board of Appeals denied a lengthy request for reconsideration filed by BHAPTS (Ocean Properties) relating to its attempts to expand its worker housing complex at Acadia Apartments on West Street Extension. BHAPTS’ attorney, Andy Hamilton, is quoted by the Islander as saying that “Nobody argued that” each

  • Letter to the Editor: Ban the reusable bag

    To the Editor:  Perhaps the coronavirus pandemic will open people’s eyes to the unsanitary, pathogen transferring practice of re-usable grocery bags.   A study found 97 percent of people using these bags do not sanitize them — ever! Starting when leaving the store, I’ve seen bags set on the pavement before being placed in their vehicles. That’s the same pavement

  • Letter to the Editor: Something nice

    To the Editor:  These days are so worrisome that I wanted to share something nice, and hearteningly normal, about our community.  Saturday was a beautiful day with intimations of spring. Walking down our quiet side road, I saw two strange things. An out of state car and, a few feet ahead, a large plastic bag straining

  • Letter to the Editor: Cruise ship concerns

      To the Editor:  By the time this letter hits the paper, hopefully all cruise ships will have been banned in the U.S. The attempts to quell the townspeople’s fears of the spread of coronavirus at the Bar Harbor Cruise Ship Committee meeting on March 12 were truly frightening. Even though the Centers for Disease Control recommends limiting large, indoor non-essential

  • Letter to the Editor: Ban cruise ships

    To the Editor:  I truly hope that Bar Harbor is limiting or completely banning cruise ships from coming into port this year. We all know the consequences if they are permitted on our island. The cruise ships are the very essence of coronovirus right now. Please come to your senses and protect the people and visitors of this town,