Letters to the editor

  • To the Editor: Legislature concerns 

    To the Editor:  Hey, Hadley Pointer here.  I noticed we had some political articles before, and we all agree around here that Black Lives Matter, but I don’t think that was our political issue per say. But being in a multiracial family, I respect the sentiment.    But there are political issues that affect me and all my neighbors regardless of

  • To the Editor: He’ll be missed 

    To the Editor:  I was sorry to hear of the passing of Raymond Strout.   His death is a big loss to the community. In addition to being avidly interested in art and history, creative in his approach to everything, dedicated to artists and collectors, generous with his time, he always had time to talk with

  • To the Editor: Deplorable voter 

    To the Editor:  I read a recent letter to your paper from a Steve Curran from Surry concerning the recent presidential voting. As I read the letter and his assertions, Mr. Curry is saying that all the 70 million plus voters who voted for President Trump had childlike beliefs and were full of anger. He stated that anger

  • To the Editor: Science and opinion

    To the Editor: I applaud Douglas Kimmel not merely for citing his sources but actually quoting some of their actual text in his letter to this page of Nov. 5 [“An alarming order”]. So much of the discourse of this past election season has been of the schoolboy-bully “You’re another!” sort that it is refreshing

  • To the Editor: We’ve lost a giant 

    To the Editor:  This past Friday, Nov. 6, our island communities lost a giant of our collective history. Raymond Strout, Class of 1959, Bar Harbor High School, died quietly in his home on Russell Farm Road in the Emery District of rural Bar Harbor, whence he had come. He and I were both in that high school class of 39 members. As an “in-towner,” I barely

  • To the Editor: Welcome to the circus

    To the Editor: The results of the elections in the United States seem bizarre. I just looked at the voting around the country and was shocked at the support Trump had received: 70 million voters, almost half of the electorate.  The only way I can comprehend this is through the prism of the 1920s Barnum &

  • To the Editor: Time for Collins to step up 

    To the Editor: Sen. Susan Collins is to be congratulated on her re–election. As our touted independent, willing-to-reach across-the aisle senator, why has she not uttered those words to President-elect Joe Biden? Her tepid “We must all respect the outcome of elections” statement bespeaks a loyalty to Donald Trump, not to the democratic process. Her colleague, Mitt Romney,

  • To the Editor: Dumping ground

    To the Editor: I walk out of my driveway and join a crowd of visitors making their way down Bridge Street to the bar, the extraordinary sand bar for which Bar Harbor is named. There are more walkers than I have ever seen, even on an August weekend – families, teenagers, children pulled by excited

  • To the Editor: Hear their stories

    To the Editor: Veterans Days will soon be upon us, a day much different from Memorial Day. Veterans Day is a day to thank those who have served our country in the military, unlike Memorial Day, which is a day to remember those who have fallen or passed on and served in this great nation’s

  • To the Editor: To mask or not to mask

    To the Editor: (With credits to Shakespeare and D. Thomas.) To mask or not to mask, is that the question? Whether tis better to suffer the stares of an unmasked petulant neighbor, or shrug and give him 12 feet of social distance. Or to call him to task for his narcissism and lack of empathy,