Letters to the editor

  • To the Editor: Throwing money away 

    To the Editor:  The Aug. 4 article on Tremont’s contract with ACTT seems problematic to me.  It’s one thing to do investigative work on a potential problem, but it is discouraging to see the community, any community, throw money at developing a “Resilience Plan” when there is really little, if any, evidence that such a plan

  • To the Editor: Be honest 

    To the Editor:  Is it more expedient to attack one man who is defending life than to try to defend the indefensible?  Be honest about what an abortion is – the taking of a human life. Some try to couch this in words like “rights” and “choice,” but the procedure means ending a life –

  • To the Editor: Using my common sense 

    To the Editor:  What I know is what I read in the paper. I have not done any research. I have very few facts. I will try and use some common sense.   Over the years, we know about the many people who are involved with their ideas: the public, the ocean line companies, the lawyers,

  • To the Editor: Just plain rude 

    To the Editor:  So, the “Big City” many people want Northeast Harbor to become has come to be. The recent incident of Leonard Leo, his wife and their young daughter, while walking on a public road in Northeast Harbor, some distance from their residence, being cursed and subjected to verbal vulgarities, spewed from a passing vehicle, is just plain

  • To the Editor: Big box tourism 

    To the Editor:  Should we allow big box tourism to undercut our lodging industry? What is fair about a foreign flagged hotel planting itself in the beautiful, pristine view, and passengers thronging ashore, by the thousands, to all the most popular grounds, and get away without paying the lodging tax that the land-based tourists pay?

  • To the Editor: Opportunities worth pursuing 

    To the Editor:  As a retired director of Hancock Planning Commission (HCPC), I applaud the July 14 Mount Desert Islander editorial on the sharing of municipal services. My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the HCPC leadership.  Implementing fair and cost-effective sharing of services will be an uphill battle and

  • To the Editor: Matter of degree 

    To the Editor:  In this fallen world, and in this first world country, none of us has clean hands. After that it is a matter of degree. We try to do our best.   And then there are people like Leonard Leo. And really, who is like Leonard Leo? He might agree. In the words of

  • To the Editor: Getting the blow off 

    To the Editor:  Back on Oct. 7, 2021, I submitted a petition signed by 20 landowners in the neighborhood that includes Highbrook, Bloomfield, Cleftstone and Champlain roads, to lower the speed limit to 20 mph, which we feel is a prudent speed for these roads. The town only requires four signatures for a petition. But,

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