Letters to the editor

  • Letter to the Editor: Worth its weight 

    To the Editor:  The Warrant Committee has come to the town’s rescue again. On Aug. 26, the general government subcommittee of the Warrant Committee discovered a serious legal flaw in Article 3 of the nine proposed charter amendments that had gone undetected by the Charter Commission, the Town Council and the town’s attorney. Article 3, ostensibly limited to the non-controversial topic of electronic voting on some items at

  • Letter to the Editor: Two faces of Susan Collins 

    To the Editor:  I was an admirer of Susan Collins in her earlier Senate terms as I felt she represented Maine with thoughtful consideration of the issues important to all residents. In 2014 she voted to protect women’s health from corporate influence (S2578) and in 2016 she refused to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

  • Letter to the Editor: Grohoski has the right stuff 

    To the Editor:  What do people want in a state representative? I know I want someone who is available to listen and respond to issues important to me and represent those issues at the State House. Nicole Grohoski, who represents District 132 of Trenton and Ellsworth, is one such representative.   During her first campaign, she was enthusiastically dedicated to conducting door to

  • Letter to the Editor: Vote for something better 

    To the Editor:  I have heard and read far more than I ever thought I would about the leader of our country and what he has said and what he has not done that should have been done. I find his talk really unbelievable; his insults to people who are far more qualified than he is, whatever position they have.   But

  • Letter to the Editor: Hapless horse 

    To the Editor:  The situation in which the United States Postal Service seems to find itself these days (between the newly appointed Postmaster General and President Trump) is a bit like the hapless horse that gets hobbled by its owner, who then declares one day “The poor old fella isn’t getting around so well…time to

  • Letter to the Editor: A servant leader 

    To the Editor:  Is the servant leader a lost concept for us today? I believe this is something often missing but sorely needed in our elected officials. What does it take to be a servant leader? It takes a genuine desire to care for people; it takes character, commitment, self-sacrifice and perseverance. These are qualities that take

  • Letter to the Editor: The cost of failure 

    To the Editor:  I’m an annual visitor to Southwest Harbor, going on 40 years, and managed to comply with the Governor’s COVID-19 requirements to get here from California a few days ago. An avid hiker, I found all the people I’ve met on the trails with a mask at the ready and a willingness to move over and provide appropriate distance. I

  • Letter to the Editor: Above and beyond 

    To the Editor:  We are writing the Islander this week to honor the contributions of a co-worker who has gone above and beyond for the Island community during these tough times. Jared Erskin is the childcare director at our community YMCA and has demonstrated flexibility, understanding and compassion throughout the current crisis. He has handled himself professionally and maintained a positive attitude even with

  • Letter to the Editor: Helping your neighbors 

    To the Editor:  I am so overcome with gratitude for all those who contributed to the overwhelming success of the first Provide a Ride Matching Challenge for Island Connections.  We received more than the $10,000 we set out to raise and are continuing to get donations daily. These funds will help us to continue to provide free transportation to critical

  • Letter to the Editor: Virtual vacations bring real support  

    To the Editor:  Island Housing Trust sends huge thanks to all who took Virtual Vacations this year to increase permanent workforce housing on MDI. Beginning with a challenge match of $15,000 from our board members, we exceeded our goal of $30,000, raising an additional $27,000 from generous “travelers” across the island for a total of more than $42,000.  More than 50 people packed their virtual bags to “visit” imagined cabins in the Northwoods, fantasy guest