Letters to the editor

  • Investment in health

    Investment in health

    To the Editor: Seventy thousand hard-working Mainers can’t afford health coverage. That’s the bad news. When they seek emergency room services, the rest of us pay, or hospitals add debt. Maine taxpayers have sent $1 billion to Washington that is allocated to states expanding Medicare. We add over $300 million to this outflow every year.

  • Socialist agenda

    Socialist agenda

    To the Editor: For seven years, I have been leading the charge to change the status quo in Augusta. But the legislature won’t make the tough decisions that are needed to move Maine from poverty to prosperity. This opens the door for socialists to push their agenda through the ballot box. These citizen referendums punish

  • Acting in haste

    Acting in haste

    To the Editor: Almost three months after the MDOT expressed a willingness to sell the ferry terminal property to the town with no strings attached for $3.5 million, the Town Council will vote to sign an amendment to the option agreement to include that term. The town can still take the huge risk of buying

  • Unfit to serve

    Unfit to serve

    To the Editor: Donald Trump is constantly demonstrating that he is unfit to be president. One does not need to look far to find examples. He denies global warming and encourages fossil fuel production. He prefers to withdraw from hard-won international agreements, such as the Paris emissions accord and the Iran nuclear deal. He has

  • Protecting the bay

    Protecting the bay

    To the Editor: Frenchman Bay empties and refills twice a day, in both directions, right in front of Bar Harbor, the bay’s bottleneck. The bay is a large but enclosed body of water and shoreline mudflats intensely fished for lobsters, crabs, mussels, clams and scallops and there are aqua-farms growing mussels and oysters at the

  • Care for elders

    Care for elders

    To the Editor: Once again during the last few weeks, Mainers held their breath while the Senate debated health care legislation that would affect hundreds of thousands of us. The bill in question, known simply as “Graham-Cassidy” after the two senators who drafted it, was not made public until the 11th hour and, it turns

  • Reproductive freedom

    Reproductive freedom

    To the Editor: The Republican-controlled Congress has, once again, shown their complete disregard for more than half the population of the United States. Women can now be denied birth control by their employers for any reason (“religious” or “moral”) and then because of lack of reproductive freedom, the low-income children that result will be not

  • Medicaid expansion

    Medicaid expansion

    To the Editor: Seven Republican governors across the U.S. have expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Tweny-four other states have also elected to do so. These state leaders understood that healthy lives and the quality of life for many children and their grandparents were at stake. Governors could see their rural hospitals struggling to

  • Carriage rides

    Carriage rides

    To the Editor: It is with disappointment and sadness we announce that Wild Iris Farm will no longer be offering downtown carriage service. In the six years we have been operating in Bar Harbor, we have witnessed an exponential increase in the number of automobiles, delivery trucks, transportation vans and tour buses in the downtown

  • Freedom of expression

    Freedom of expression

    To the Editor: I enjoy reading the Street Beat section in the Islander. My impression is that it is intended as a fun, light-hearted commentary on things of local interest … favorite reads, hikes, movies, restaurants, etc. It gives us person-in-the-street opinions, expressed in a few sentences. The question asked in the Sept. 28 issue