Letters to the editor

  • Letter to the editor: A pattern of discrimination

    To the Editor: In defending Donald Trump from accusations of racial discrimination, Richard Montalbano wrote (“Look for the Good,” Jan. 16) “in a building he owned, once he was made aware of it, he fired the building manager and made it right.” No big deal. Right? Not quite. For the record, when the Department of

  • Letter to the editor: Legalization provides protections

    To the Editor: Ms. Goldthwait believes that cannabis’ lack of harm justifies her position that the substance should not be legalized (“State of Maine: State should rethink marijuana and vaping,” January 16). But just the opposite is true. It is precisely because cannabis may pose potential risks to certain consumers, or when it is consumed

  • Mainers deserve better coverage

    To the Editor: A recent study by Maine Center for Economic Policy on behalf of Maine AllCare (available at maineallcare.org) showed that a universal, publicly funded health care system covering every Maine resident could save Maine $1.5 billion in total health care spending. This report went to our Governor, legislators and the media and yet

  • Safety is no accident

    To the Editor: Having just read the recent article about a 25-year veteran Pemetic school bus driver reminded me of something I wrote to the then Bar Harbor Times about 25 years ago, so it seems, concerning the inequities in school bus drivers’ pay and benefits. No one paid (pun noted) attention to my letter

  • As the fires burn

    To the Editor: The world is on fire. Not only Down Under but also in the streets of many nations. Civil protests have erupted recently because of economic inequalities, climate destruction, corruption and political repression. It’s a worldwide phenomenon. As I watched these protests, I was struck by how young the protesters were. Where were

  • Bringing Christmas joy to kids

    To the Editor, We at the Maine Seacoast Mission would like to extend a sincere thank you to all those who helped with the Christmas program this year. Without the help of so many volunteers, donors and local businesses we would not be able to run such a successful program. This holiday, the Mission provided

  • Look for the good

    To the Editor: In response to the letter “‘Trump has done plenty,” I could write a 12-page response pointing out all of the past Democratic presidents and their very bad acts. Remember the Democrats voted for slavery. Did you even go to the post and videos of all the good things Trump has done? No,

  • Long shot still a shot

    To the Editor: I read with interest Jill Goldthwait’s column last week regarding what she termed the harsh realities for “long-shot candidates.” Coming from a former independent state senator, I found it downright perplexing. Clearly, Goldthwait knows the two-party system doesn’t work for Mainers, and yet she tacitly props it up by writing off virtually