Letters to the editor

  • Letter to Editor: Climate in crisis

    On April 27 two important events will occur in Bar Harbor. First, hundreds of devoted Friends of Acadia volunteers will show up for the annual Spring Cleanup of Acadia’s carriage roads. Immediately following, at 1 p.m., will be the Climate March sponsored by Indivisible MDI. These events bring attention to our lived environment here in

  • Letter to Editor: Bar Harbor vs. Bar Harbor

    To the Editor: I am writing this letter to obtain a degree of personal closure regarding my participation at the public hearing of the Bar Harbor Appeals Board on Tuesday, April 9 (Elizabeth Mills vs. Ocean Properties/Bar Harbor Planning Board). The planning board voted to support Ocean Properties’ proposal for, in my opinion, a commercial

  • Letter to Editor: Open to interpretation

    To the Editor: Acadia Community Theater would like to thank Mr. Ehrlich for his concerns regarding the messages presented as part of our production of the Disney musical “Freaky Friday.” The Board of Directors acknowledges that the musical addresses many contemporary issues facing young people and adults including body image, eating practices, aging, and individuality.

  • Letter to Editor: Lousy messages

    To the Editor: The quality of Acadia Community Theater’s production of “Freaky Friday” is a testament to their dedication, effort and commitment to theater and is to be commended. The play features a number of positive messages about the value of love, honesty, relationships and the power of believing in our dreams. There are also

  • Letter to Editor: Fond farewell

    To the Editor: Morning Glory Bakery is saying goodbye. With a lease expiring at the end of 2018, the entire contents of Morning Glory was moved into storage and space in friendsʼ restaurants. For many of us, winter on Mount Desert Island has often meant a mix of hibernation and travel in the hopes of

  • Letter to Editor: Gift of life

    To the Editor: I am responding a letter published in the March 15 edition of the Islander by Kingsley Witten. It was an open letter supporting abortion providers and International Women’s Day. I’m so glad Kingsley was raised in a loving home, with two parents. I, too, was raised in a beautiful, loving home with

  • Letter to Editor: No deal

    To the Editor: In his letter on the Green New Deal in the Feb. 28 edition of the Islander, Mr. Kuntz of Lancaster, Pa. is screaming “Fire” in a packed theater. He repeats the myth that “We have only until 2030 to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions or we’ll face runaway global warming costing $550

  • Letter to Editor: Informed choice

    To the Editor: My name is Blake Rosso, DC, and this letter is written in opposition to LD798, a proposed bill that would remove vaccination exemptions on philosophical and religious grounds for Maine citizens. The majority of doctors who testified against LD798 are not against vaccination in principle. A number of them spoke up because

  • Letter to Editor: Primary alternative

    I have seen several commentaries recently on how best to reform Maine’s primary election system. At present, voters may vote in a primary only if they are enrolled in a political party; a voter may only vote in the primary of the party in which he or she is enrolled. If a voter is not

  • Letter to Editor: Red flag bill

    To the Editor: Isn’t it about time we started start supporting law enforcement and the families of those at risk? Families and law enforcement are often the first to recognize threats and risks of harm. All too often, family members and law enforcement are faced with situations where they see warning signs and know “troubles