Letters to the editor

  • Letter to Editor: A rare jewel

    To the Editor: At last week’s annual meeting of the Mount Desert Island Hospital, Board Chairman Jimmy Bright reminded us of the hospital’s simple but eloquent mission — neighbors caring for and about neighbors. As some of your readers know, I am a retired physician from Southwest Harbor who remains keenly interested in and concerned

  • Letter to Editor: Land use suggestions

    To the Editor: The Aug. 1 article entitled “Shoreland zoning edits eyed” by Sarah Hinckley hints at deficiencies in Southwest Harbor’s governance of land use. It’s interesting that Southwest Harbor is the only place in Maine that has mixed land use zones — there are no residential zones. Planning Board members appear not to be

  • Letter to Editor: Careful with rental rules

    To the Editor: In his op-ed “Tackle Bar Harbor’s housing crisis” (Aug. 8 issue), Gary Friedmann writes: “Cease new permits for non-hosted, short term vacation rentals. We know that many local families rely on Airbnb-type revenue to be able to afford to live here. But out-of-town investors have discovered that they can buy up multiple

  • Letter to Editor: Story made matters worse

    Your recent front page article, “Attendance struggles beset board,” about the Town of Tremont Planning Board, is not only disheartening but is misleading in omitting pertinent facts. For instance, I and the other board members who had to miss meetings were excused by formal action of the Planning Board itself. And one of the members

  • Letter to Editor: Quarry worries

    It was with a discouraging sense of deja vu that my wife and I attended yet another meeting of the town of Mount Desert’s Planning Board held on July 17. The meeting concerned the now- infamous quarry located in our neighborhood of Hall Quarry. At the meeting, we were joined by about a dozen of