Letters to the editor

  • Continuing a proud tradition

    Continuing a proud tradition

    To the Editor: As one of the islandwide middle school track team coaches, I would like to take the opportunity to speak about our program. Recently there was a much-appreciated article about our team in the Islander called, “Young Runners.” This article acknowledged some very spectacular performances in our final competition of the season. However,

  • More guns is not a solution

    More guns is not a solution

    To the Editor: As a teacher of nearly 30 years, I have a deep interest in the issue of school safety, and I completely reject the idea that putting more guns into our schools offers any kind of reasonable solution. My mind boggles that people who consider themselves leaders are saying that teachers should be

  • Botany lovers

    Botany lovers

    To the Editor: Sometime this winter, I wondered if the taxonomists had come to their senses and changed the scientific name of bunchberry back to what it was. Unfortunately, they had not. But I did learn that bunchberry catapults its pollen into the air in one of the fastest reactions known in the plant world.

  • A difficult decision

    A difficult decision

    The Municipal Review Committee voted last Thursday to allow member towns to rely, temporarily, on their former trash-to-energy partner, the Penobscot Energy Recovery Company, for garbage disposal. The decision was rational and expedient. It also was painful. Had everything gone according to plan, the Municipal Review Committee’s 115 member towns would be sending their trash

  • Arming teachers

    Arming teachers

    To the Editor: In addition to the tragic loss of 14 students in Parkland, Fla., three teachers were killed in the attack. According to CNN, Aaron Feis, 37, assistant football coach, ran toward the sound of gunshots and got in front of students to protect them; Scott Beigel, 35, geography teacher, was shot and killed

  • Politics of food

    Politics of food

    To the Editor: We here on Mount Desert Island just held a food drive, with the assistance of the post office employees, who dropped off empty bags and picked up full ones. Thank you. Let’s hope that House leader Paul Ryan and 2nd District Rep. Bruce Poliquin don’t hear about it. While they prefer food

  • Fond farewell

    Fond farewell

    To the Editor: Elvis has left the building, well, almost. On July 29, I am officially retiring from Cadillac Family Practice. I want to thank all of you who entrusted me with your care. It has been both an honor and pleasure working with all of you. I’ve been associated with Mount Desert Island for

  • Be good to each other

    Be good to each other

    To the Editor: We have suffered an incredible tragedy as a community, a local family has suffered a tragedy that few of us can understand. I cannot fathom the thought of something happening to one of my girls. Many people have asked, “What now?” Well, now we do as we always do, we band together

  • No excuses

    No excuses

    To the Editor: I would like to second the recently published letter on the need for traffic slowing in residential areas. I, too, live on the new high-speed Bar Harbor bypass, formerly known as Norway Drive. The speed indicator installed was largely ignored (I know, because I stood watching drivers mindlessly speed by it) and

  • In support of Sweet

    In support of Sweet

    To the Editor: I’m 29 years old, a stand-up comedian from South Portland, former Bar Harbor resident and a volunteer on Betsy Sweet’s campaign for governor. Sweet has many amazing achievements, including raising three daughters as a single parent. I was raised by a single mother and know the challenges it brings. Sweet advocates for