Letters to the editor

  • Union River petition

    Union River petition

    To the Editor: On Feb., 9 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued public notice of a new license application for the Union River Dams. This notice starts a 60 day clock that is the last chance for citizens, municipalities, state and federal agencies to comment on or protest the details of this license application.

  • Military readiness

    Military readiness

    To the Editor: The Budget Control Act of 2011 necessitated budget cuts for the Defense Department, which had a huge negative effect on the readiness of our military. “In 2011, the Air Force had 333,370 active duty airmen,” Alan Dowd wrote in the February 2018 issue of “The American Legion Magazine.” “By 2017, it had

  • Medicaid expansion

    Medicaid expansion

    To the Editor: A large majority of Mainers have made it clear that they want Medicaid expanded; They voted 59 percent to 41 percent in favor of it in last fall’s referendum. The Maine Legislature approved it five times, but five times, Gov. LePage vetoed it. And once again, the governor is making clear his

  • Drilling unlikely

    Drilling unlikely

    To the Editor: Recently new concerns have surfaced about opening the continental shelves of the United States, including Maine, to renewed exploration and possible production of oil and gas. For example, there are those in Maine who fear that oil platforms could be put off Mount Desert Island in Frenchman Bay, destroying both the scenic

  • Reasons for resisting

    Reasons for resisting

    To the Editor: This letter is to explain why I resist even though I am a 68-year-old white male. I was born in Waterville while my parents lived in Vassalboro, graduated with honors from Waterville High School, obtained an undergraduate degree from Bowdoin and a graduate degree from the University of Maine. I was fed

  • Tax bill a win

    Tax bill a win

    To the Editor: The Republican tax bill already has had monumental effects on American businesses and their employees. Since the bill’s passage, over 200 job creators have announced they are giving raises and bonuses, increasing employee benefit packages and expanding their businesses. Here in Maine, Camden National Bank recently announced it will be distributing $1,000

  • Risking the future

    Risking the future

    Letter to the Editor: On the surface, creating a port authority to appropriate funds ($30 to $40 million) for a new ferry dock in Bar Harbor might seem like a good idea. Greater ability for cruise ships to dock means more customers for restaurants and shops. However, with 180 ships expected to travel to Bar

  • Line in the sand

    Line in the sand

    To the Editor: In response to the letter from Pennsylvania in last week’s Islander about the “resist” message on Sand Beach being sour grapes from snowflakes, I say: I saw it as a line in the sand. Lines crossed by this president make it impossible for me to support him. I am resisting a president

  • Fee on hybrid cars

    Fee on hybrid cars

    To the Editor: Regarding LD 1803, An Act To Ensure Equity in the Funding of Maine’s Transportation Infrastructure by Imposing an Annual Fee on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, currently being considered in the state Legislature, I fail to see any equity or long-term solutions in this bill and request that citizens encourage their representatives to

  • Advocacy is essential

    Advocacy is essential

    To the Editor: I would like to respond to Jeff Woerhle’s letter “Resistance to What?” in last week’s Islander that appeared to mock our efforts here on behalf of better government for all in America. Woehrle’s laundry list of good news talking points is misleading and easily refuted. The stock market has been on the