Letters to the editor

  • Letter to Editor: Next steps

    To the Editor: This opinion is written for several purposes related to the recent passage of citizen initiatives Articles 4 and 5 in Bar Harbor. First, deepest thanks to the voters who supported these initiatives, and in so doing exercised their right to shape the kind of town in which they wish to live. Second,

  • Letter to Editor: Speak up

    To the Editor: On Tuesday, May 28, there was a meeting at Jessup Memorial Library to discuss the two articles on the ballot proposed by the citizen initiative process. Ron Beard facilitated the meeting, and members of the Town Council were present. I unfortunately was not there, being a slacker that night, so my report

  • Letter to Editor: Asking for help

    To the Editor: There is a stigma, by some people, about saying one needs mental health assistance. Why should it be that way? It is an integral part of one’s body. If you are challenged with a mental health issue, seek medical assistance from one of the following: therapist, psychologist and/or psychiatrist. Once your condition

  • Letter to Editor: Body image and the media

    To the Editor: I am writing to you today on behalf of my concerns with the way the media portrays women, and what it is doing to the self-esteem of young women and inflicting poor body image across the United States. The visualization of women that media presents portrays unrealistic social expectations and has a

  • Letter to Editor: Scapegoating on gun violence

    Dear Editor: Battle lines are drawn. The NRA is the target du jour of the litany of Democratic presidential candidates, vying for the boldest denouncement of the millions of armed, peaceful and law-abiding citizens in America. Six million strong, this large sector of the American public is an easy target for these “bold” politicians to

  • To the Editor: Restroom equality

    To the Editor: My name is Ashton Spring Baranowski and I would like to share my thoughts about the public bathroom situation in Bar Harbor. I understand that people have their opinions about how bathrooms should or should not be gender neutral, and while people have a right to voice their opinions, I disagree with

  • Letter to Editor: Golden on Huntington’s

    To the Editor: Nine years ago, I made my first foray into legislative advocacy because my nephew asked me to visit Olympia’s Snowe’s office and ask her to co-sponsor The Parity Act for Huntington’s Disease (HD). I knew nothing about the act but said I would learn and go. It was then that my nephew

  • Letter to Editor: Respect and thanks

    To the Editor: I wish to thank Mr. Jim O’Connell for his apology regarding an off-color word used at the most recent Town Public Forum at the Jesup Library on May 22. In today’s world, this straightforward apology offered to all is a rare act of integrity and true respect for others. Donna Karlson Bar

  • Letter to Editor: Complicity in climate denial

    To the Editor: The letter “Climate disagreement” in the May 23 edition disagrees with every scientific body of national or international standing and with every climate scientist, worldwide, publishing in peer-reviewed journals. It is filled with misinformation produced as part of a sophisticated, decades-long, clandestine climate denial campaign funded to the tune of $2 billion