Letters to the editor

  • To the Editor: In the spotlight 

    To the Editor: With Roe v. Wade reproductive rights on the Republican chopping block, Maine Sen. Susan Collins’ confidence, or credulity, regarding now Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s stand on established law is again in the spotlight. Collins was correct to say that Kavanaugh regards Roe as established law. But Kavanaugh, no respecter of established law, is asserting

  • To the Editor: Cruising into troubled waters 

    To the Editor:  I have been reading a book from the Northeast Harbor Library’s new bookshelf called “Overbooked: The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism” by Elizabeth Becker. It has a whole chapter on cruise ships, including a couple of references to Bar Harbor. You can learn from this book how the cruise ship industry has managed to be legal and unregulated.  For

  • To the Editor: Just a bridge and road guy? 

    To the Editor: Rep. Jared Golden’s vote for President Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill for safe roads, bridges, trains, water, sewage disposal and airports, which became law on Nov. 15, is to be applauded.  His recent vote as the only Democrat opposed to President Biden’s Build Back Better bill that passed the House on Nov. 19 and

  • To the Editor: Our local government works 

    To the Editor:  In this time of political divisions in our country and an inability to work together at the national and often state level, I’d like to celebrate something that usually does work pretty well: our local government here on MDI!   I had the privilege of participating in this process recently. I spoke at a Select

  • To the Editor: Well water testing program 

    To the Editor:  The town of Bar Harbor recently completed its first well water testing program that provided free testing of private wells for property owners. Approximately half of residences in the town rely on private well water.   Thirty-nine properties submitted samples with 18 percent of wells showing moderately or significantly high levels of arsenic. Other elevated levels of minerals were also noted in a

  • To the Editor: The value of human lives 

    To the Editor:  The retrenchment of clinical services at Acadia Family Center (AFC) in Southwest Harbor could not have come at a worse time.  As your article last week about this partial closing of AFC points out, our community and the country today are confronting an epidemic that is destroying families and contributing to an escalating death toll. The newer

  • To the Editor: What everyone wants 

    To The Editor:  I teach young children, who up until very recently were unvaccinated against COVID-19. Since some of our students have weak auto immune systems, I’ve been conscientious about not exposing them to any viruses.   I understand how important it is for our children to be in school rather than learning remotely. I’m doing everything in

  • To the Editor: Golden votes no on Build Back Better 

    To the Editor: [This letter was submitted to the Islander on Friday, Nov. 19, and the day references were left as written by the author.]  Yesterday, although still playing it coy on his vote, Maine CD2 Rep. Jared Golden was the GOP poster boy for Democratic opposition to the Build Back Better bill. Their praise must have gone

  • To the Editor: Studies are clear 

    To the Editor:  I was disappointed to read Blake Rosso’s op-ed in the Nov. 11 Islander (“Choosing Between a Jab or a Job”). The current epidemiological studies are clear: Unvaccinated individuals are 11 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than vaccinated individuals (Sept. 10 CDC study).   Those who choose not to be vaccinated are placing their families and friends

  • To the Editor: Chowder left me broke 

    Today in the mail,   I letter I found,  Asking for help,   for a cause that seemed sound.  Our fishermen it seems,   are floundering away,  Windmills and whales   are reducing their pay.  And for my donation,   this recipe card,  Capt. Leroy’s Seafood chowder,   it shouldn’t be hard.  So off to the store,   my new recipe in hand,  to

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