Letters to the editor

  • Letter to Editor: Racing regulation

    To the Editor: The Breeders Cup, the richest horse race of the year, will be run on Nov. 2. Imagine my horror when I was informed by my online betting provider, Twinspires, that it would no longer do business with me because the state of Maine would not issue it the license to do so.

  • Letter to Editor: Clarifying terms

    To the Editor: With all due respect to my fellow Americans, most of us simply don’t seem to know that a “liberal/progressive” is not the same thing as a “socialist.” This includes the Democratic Party candidates as well as the members of the “Squad” such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. A true “socialist” is

  • Letter to Editor: Boat o’books

    To the Editor: Machias Savings Bank puts the “local” in local! Thanks to Matt Horton and the bank for providing a mooring in their lobby for the Jesup Memorial Library’s Fourth of July parade boat, which navigated the summer full of used books for sale. The boat is gone but the book sale goes on.

  • Letter to Editor: An island tradition

    To the Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have reached out to express their disappointment that the Acadia Corporation is leaving the Asticou. When we began operations at the Asticou in 2015 our goals were to bring the quality and integrity of food and hospitality we

  • Letter to Editor: Signatures delivered

    To the Editor: On Sept. 18, a press conference was held in Augusta on the occasion of the delivery of 93,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office. 93,000 signatures collected in just 12 weeks, 78,000 of them already validated by over 500 town clerks. What was the purpose of the signature collection? To put

  • Letter to Editor: A great ride

    To the Editor: Bicycling Magazine calls the Cadillac Challenge Century Bicycle Ride the best bicycle ride in Maine. The route is also a great fall car ride. The foliage was very good Sunday for the 28th annual Cadillac Challenge Century bicycle. The ride included 132 registered riders on Sunday, October 6, and there were at

  • Letter to Editor: Industrial arts

    To the Editor: Why is Maine’s K-12 education establishment so hostile to giving students more and better opportunities to learn a trade? This entrenched opposition to the industrial arts — “shop class” — is hard to understand, given the obvious benefits of having more career options for Maine students. Learning a trade that’s in high

  • Letter to Editor: Where the waste goes

    To the Editor: I inherited a 55 gallon metal drum of antique antifreeze concentrate and didn’t really want it, so I called a professional and asked what to do with it? I was hoping someone could use it, but was informed that it was junk, and that the best way to get rid of it

  • Letter to Editor: Negative publicity

    To the Editor: I was heartened to read the letter “Cruise Ship Costs Weighed” (September 19) by Kathleen M. Saul, indicating our land-based tourists are weighing in on the cruise ship problem, but disheartened by her list of the hazards created by the cruise ship industry. A West Coast professor of economics and a recent

  • Letter to Editor: Hope on display

    To the Editor: I’ve been swimming with loons. I’ve been feasting on lobster. But of all the pleasures of this past summer in Maine, I may just remember the children’s art show at the Abbe Museum most of all. This is the 18th year that the Abbe has partnered with Maine Indian Education to celebrate