Letters to the editor

  • Civility rules

    Civility rules

    To the Editor: Recently, the lack of civility has been in the news, in our minds, and we have even seen examples in our town. On Friday night, I attended the forum for Democratic and Independent candidates for the 2nd Congressional District held at Mount Desert Island High School. Almost 200 people were there to

  • Restorative justice

    Restorative justice

    To the Editor: Regarding the Mount Desert Island High School student who thought it was okay to post a deadly threat in another student’s name, to gun down members of their community, apparently in order to ridicule the Parkland shooting victims and to abuse the classmate and the parents who said they think the incident

  • A chance to thrive

    A chance to thrive

    To the Editor: We write to praise Nat Fenton for his powerful call to action in the March 29 edition of the Islander to do more for our children. Fenton rightly declares that the choices our national government has made amount to a “War on Youth.” The failure to make college affordable, the punishment of

  • Jumping on the bandwagon

    Jumping on the bandwagon

    To the Editor: Most of us have jumped on a social media bandwagon at one time or another only to realize later that we did not have all the information with which to make an informed judgment. I’ve shared things on Facebook that turned out to be outdated or inaccurate and then felt embarrassed that

  • In support of Schwartz

    In support of Schwartz

    To the Editor: I’m writing to urge Democrats in Maine Senate District 7 to vote for Ian Schwartz in the Democratic primary on June 12. Schwartz is running for the senate seat being vacated by Republican Brian Langley. Schwartz grew up on Mount Desert Island and attended school here. After living for eight years in

  • Sweetgrass offer

    Sweetgrass offer

    To the Editor: I would like to extend an open invitation to the Wabanaki people, that they are more than welcome to harvest sweetgrass from the marsh that my wife and I own. That would be the area near Route 3 in Town Hill known as “Jones Marsh.” We own a portion of the marsh

  • Dogs and the mail

    Dogs and the mail

    To the Editor: The Postal Service team here would like Bar Harbor pet owners to take a moment and look at the world through their dogs’ eyes. Eating, sleeping and playing take up most of their day. The one job they do have, at least in their minds, is protecting their turf and their family.

  • A chance to respond

    A chance to respond

    To the Editor: The Town Council tried to silence dissent by the Warrant Committee by its “investigation” of that committee. Bar Harbor’s town charter does not allow one elected body to investigate another. The ethics ordinance mandates that any investigation by an ethics commission (comprised of two Town Council members, three Warrant Committee members and

  • Thanks to first responders

    Thanks to first responders

    To the Editor: There are myriad benefits to living in Bar Harbor, but I was reminded recently of how very fortunate we are to have such excellent emergency personnel. On March 10, I had an auto accident on School Street; my car was flipped and totaled, but fortunately I only had a few bruises. I

  • Luchini for Senate

    Luchini for Senate

    To the Editor: Louie Luchini leads in many ways. I am in a position to see and know. Living at mile 22 of the MDI Marathon route, I’ve cheered Luchini on three times as he ran by in the lead, telling him his length ahead if another elite runner was even in sight. This is