Letters to the editor

  • To the Editor: Exactly who we are

    To the Editor: What happened on Jan. 6, far from aberration, was a capturing of themes in American history in 24 hours. Amazing, beautiful things happened. Propelled, as always in American history, by tireless, courageous, long view organizing (led by Black women), a Black preacher and a young Jewish man were elected to the Senate

  • To the Editor: Impeach swiftly 

    To the Editor:  A frightening destructive insurrection rocked our Capitol. Exhausted by the pandemic, we reel and struggle with difficult anxieties. Now in shock, our nation wonders, what’s next? Swift impeachment must be next. It is entirely necessary to help us heal and recover. Our children and grandchildren deserve to see our Congress unite, become

  • To the Editor: What’s needed

    To the Editor: What this letter to the editor section needs right now is soul searching letters from Republicans who voted for Donald Trump, reflecting upon their political decisions and describing to us how the behavior of members and supporters of the Republican Party in a constitutional democracy needs to be different going forward.  

  • To the Editor: Jan. 6 at the Capitol

    To the Editor: On 9/11, I was working at the Library of Congress. We were locked down and then released to streets, and roofs, filled with SWAT teams. Across the Potomac, smoke was rising from the Pentagon. We went to war over this. On Jan. 6, I listened to President Trump at a rally, fanning

  • To the Editor: MDIRSS transitions to remote learning

    Dear families, friends and neighbors, As you know, MDIRSS schools have transitioned to remote learning. The rising numbers of positive COVID-19 cases locally means that there were also many close contacts of people who now have to quarantine, including families and staff members. And, we do not yet know the impact of holiday travel and

  • To the Editor: Kebo is not a public park

    To the Editor: Kebo Valley Golf Club is posted “No Trespassing.” We understand that during these times, people want to get out and enjoy our beautiful island, but the golf course is closed for the season. Kebo is not a public park. After a recent snowfall, there were times when over 100 people were gathered

  • To the Editor: No more cruise ships

    To the Editor: The Department of Justice filed this report to the Office of Public Affairs, Boston 2009. Paul Revere Bus Company agreed to pay a $650,000 fine for violating the Clean Air Act and Boston’s five-minute diesel idling law. There were 242 violations by the Revere Bus Company in Roxbury, where there was an exceptionally high

  • To the Editor: In the meantime

    To the Editor: Tom Rolfes’ Dec. 31 Viewpoint (Basic principles) presented an incorrect view of climate change and its impacts. If anyone is interested in what climate scientists actually say, I recommend the government’s latest (fourth) National Climate Assessment. Briefly, the NCA says that today’s rapid climate change is caused primarily by human activity, and

  • To the Editor: Closing the chasm 

    To the Editor:  In his letter to the Editor (Islander, Dec. 17), Mr. Hugh Bowden decries the chasm between America’s political right and left. His 750-plus word letter directed hateful rhetoric at millions of Americans merely because they disagree with his personal opinions. Calling people with different opinions “cult followers” and “brainwashed” only widens the chasm and is certainly counter-productive to

  • To the Editor: Above the law 

    To the Editor:  It is not as if the political events of the past year have been at all comforting or, for that matter, even acceptable. But the last four years began at least four decades ago with political leaders who said that the best government is one that governs least. Over those decades, America has veered