Letters to the editor

  • Deferred maintenance

    To the Editor: The 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service has come and gone, but as we kick off the start of NPS’ second century, the need for Congress to work together to pass a funding mechanism to address the backlog of deferred maintenance at our Parks becomes ever more critical. Most park structures

  • Protecting Social Security

    To the Editor: On August 14, 1935, Social Security was signed into law. Before Social Security, many retired Americans lived in poverty. For 83 years, Americans have retired with a greater sense of financial security thanks to the Social Security system. Throughout their working lives, Americans allocate part of their pay check to the program,

  • Child welfare

    To the Editor: Last month I spoke about the reforms we are proposing for the child welfare system, including better staff training and better support for our front-line caseworkers. Suddenly, a lot of organizations want to take credit for these reforms, including the state employees’ union. This is not about sharing the credit or the

  • Luminaria thanks

    To the Editor: The 17th annual Carol Dyer Luminaria Evening has successfully concluded. A rainstorm on Saturday night forced an early shutdown, but a hearty group of willing volunteers re-labeled the bags and gathered on Sunday night to light the candles which graced the front lawns of the YWCA and Jesup Library. YWCA MDI organized

  • MLA ready for battle

    To the Editor: More than 200 years ago, Benjamin Franklin, reflecting on the possibility of the American colonies’ successful revolt against Great Britain, said, “We must indeed all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” Today, Maine lobstermen face a similar situation. The fishery is threatened by the potential for new whale

  • A new McCarthyism

    To the Editor: In the 1950s, the Republican Senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy, along with his lawyer, Roy Cohen, managed to promote his conspiracy theories to the media, which consisted of a public crusade against facts, science and the rule of law. People lost jobs, lifetime careers and sometimes their freedom. This crusade was ended

  • Clean water

    To the Editor: As a young, lifelong Mainer, I want to stay here to make a career in the outdoor industry, in a state where making a career isn’t always easy. The outdoor economy in Maine thrives because we’re known for having a pristine environment and clean water. But now, with the proposed repeal of

  • Is congestion good for business?

    To the Editor: Everyone is in denial some of the time at least, that’s part of being human. We just don’t want to accept the things that are difficult to deal with. But when does not facing reality become harmful? Denial hides the truth, mainly from ourselves. This summer, our town is being swamped with

  • Poliquin leads

    To the Editor: As politicians continue to divide along party lines, Congressman Bruce Poliquin leads by reaching across to the aisle to work with Democrats. Rep. Poliquin has been working alongside fellow Maine Rep. Pingree, a Democrat, to be able to better serve the people of Maine. Bruce has helped reduce regulations and unnecessary costs

  • Across the aisle

    To the Editor: Across the nation it has become evident that access to quality medical treatment can often mean the difference between life and death for Americans with disease. The unfortunate reality is that rising healthcare costs mean many Mainers are left to choose between necessities like heat and food and covering their medical bills.