Letter to the Editor: Wonderful things happen 

To the Editor: 

When a community supports its schools, wonderful things happen for children in and out of the classroom. There are books for all readers, hands-on math materials, technology to support all kinds of learning, opportunities to make music and spaces to be active. Students have a chance to work with clay, paint a landscape, make jewelry and build a birdhouse. There are healthy meals served every day with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Outside the classroom, students seed clam flats, test for water quality, release salmon and build an ice shack for skaters at Chris’s Pond. Teachers take advantage of Acadia National Park and local museums and provide city experiences in places like Portland, Boston and Quebec. When a community supports its schools, wonderful things happen, and we should know. For nearly four decades, we have taught at Pemetic in Southwest Harbor. Our community has provided all these things and countless more opportunities for our students along with a beautiful building and a playground accessible to everyone. We are proud of our community’s support and are grateful for having had the privilege of spending our teaching careers with the children of Southwest Harbor.  

Robin and Bob Sattler 

Southwest Harbor 


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