Letter to the Editor: What’s in a name?

To the Editor:

I wish to congratulate reporter Sarah Hinckley on her excellent, well-researched article on the correct spelling of Swan’s Island in the Aug. 9 edition of the Islander. I’m sure most of my fellow islanders are appreciative as well.

I also thank and respect the editorial staff for its decision to use the apostrophe in future mentions of Swan’s Island in your fine paper.

I was disappointed to turn to local news in the same edition and find the apostrophe still missing in the heading “Swans Island” news. Hopefully this remaining irritant will be corrected in future issues?

It has been pointed out to me that several boats moored at Swan’s Island do not have the apostrophe in the spelling of “Swans Island” on the stern.

I hope these boat owners will show pride in our historic island by fixing this oversight. A small piece of electrical tape can be a temporary fix – or maybe our fine “artist colony” will hold an “apostrophe day” and donate a little paint and skill.

Albert L. Buswell

Swan’s Island

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