Letter to the Editor: What CMP isn’t saying 

To the Editor: 

Flashy advertisements, polished mailings and other publications produced by and for Central Maine Power contain misinformation and illusive language about the NECEC Corridor.   

Central Maine Power claims that their project will provide ‘clean energy’ from Hydro Quebec– it won’t and decades of peer-reviewed scientific research prove this. I laugh when CMP states three million metric tons of dirty air will be saved but ‘forgets’ to mention that clearcutting 3,500 acres of land in perpetuity will easily counterbalance any gain. The right-of-way two-thirds done? The maps CMP submitted to the PUC do not seem to meet this two-thirds figure. Recently, Clean Energy Connect (intentional misnomer) touted a wonderful ‘trifecta’ that included a $300 million contract with Cianbro and jobs for all. Well, it neglected to mention that it is a joint venture with four companies that come from Mississippi, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and the out-of-state office of Cianbro. Yep, a lot of jobs in Maine but probably few actually for Maine workers. Let’s not forget, CMP has faulty ‘smart’ meters, left our electric infrastructure to rot on the vine, and is owned by a Spanish energy conglomerate. As their frantic assault on the referendum signatures gathered by opponents continues to march toward November, the frequency and magnitude of spurious claims will increase as will the millions of advertising dollars spent to muddy the truth. CMP’s slick suits, lobbyists and compliant political figures will keep ‘moving the target.’ Wouldn’t a sound thrashing in November be a valuable lesson for the CMP monopoly? 


Richard Aishton 



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